Home Inspector Locator provides an easy to use search engine for locating experienced Home Inspectors anywhere in the Canada.  Our Database of Inspectors consists mostly of Inspectors who are members of established Home Inspection Associations. Members have a minimum of two years’ experience in home inspection.

We designed our directory to give the home buyer, seller and real estate professional a resource for locating home inspectors across Canada.  

We found that most home buyers were given the name of a home inspector by their real estate agent or by looking in the yellow pages. We created the Home Inspector Locator so that all consumers would be able to find an experienced inspector on the web anywhere in Canada.  We screen our inspectors by initially qualifying, using an experience rating. Consumers who use our directory are able to rate the performance of our inspectors.  We eliminate inspectors who are consistently being graded below our minimum standards.   We do not guarantee the work performed by the inspectors listed in our directory.

Featured Home Inspector

Phone: 780-298-5310 (Edmonton)
Choosing the right inspector makes all the difference! At Final Grade Inspections, we help you, the customer, to build awareness and confidence in the property you are considering. We provide informative inspections with meaningful reports that meet or exceed industry Standards of Practice and Codes of Ethics. We take the time required to perform thorough inspections and deliver quality on-site reports that include deficiencies and suggested timelines for address. We’re happy to answer questions even long after the inspection. We have first-hand experience in home construction and renovations, roofing and site drainage/grading. And that's not all we do! We also perform Mold Inspections, Indoor Air Quality Analysis and Ozone Shock Treatment (removes odours). Call now!